LabStats 101: How to Set Up the Remote Access Dashboard

September 28, 2020 |  LabStats 101, Product, Remote Access
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Learn how to set up the Remote Access Dashboard.

The Remote Access Dashboard is a tool that students can use to access campus resources from anywhere. The dashboard displays a list of available computers and provides an easy and secure way to remotely log into a computer without any special knowledge.

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How to Set Up the Remote Access Dashboard

Setting up the Remote Access Dashboard is quick and easy. 

If you already have LabStats installed on campus computers, log into your LabStats portal, navigate to the “Lab Tools” tab and click “Remote Access.” Check the box to enable the Remote Access Dashboard and follow the instructions.

Enable Labs

Once the dashboard is enabled, you can choose which groups (computer labs) will show up to students. It’s important to have separate groups for remote access stations and in-person stations so you can track usage separately.

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Watch a Demo

In the following video, you will learn:

  • How to make sure your groups are set up for remote access
  • How to enable the Remote Access Dashboard
  • How to select which labs show up
  • How to enable additional dashboards
  • How to get the URL to publish your dashboard
Watch Video (02:31)
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