Getting Started with Computer Lab Usage Tracking Software

August 7, 2020 |  Data
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Computer lab usage tracking software helps university CIOs understand how students are using computers and software on campus.

It’s more important than ever to understand how students use computers on college campuses. Students may access computers and software from classrooms, computer labs or via remote tools (like the Remote Access Dashboard). 

Computer lab usage tracking software can help CIOs and IT teams understand how students are using the hardware and software that the university provides.

What is computer lab usage tracking software?

Computer lab usage tracking software automatically tracks what is happening in a computer lab, and reports back to the administrator. A client is installed on each machine on campus, and the software provides reports on hardware and application activity in real time. Computer lab usage tracking software is also known as computer lab monitoring software

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Computer Lab Usage Statistics

Usage statistics are helpful in understanding current and historical computer lab activity, spotting trends, and planning for the future. 

LabStats computer lab monitoring software provides a wide range of reports so CIOs and IT teams can better understand how campus technology is used. LabStats reports show the following data:

Computer Usage Reports

  • Summary of logins by location, user or machine
  • A historical timeline of active sessions
  • Average number of logins on a single computer, lab or classroom
  • Average usage history of a computer by week or day
  • Peak times computers or labs are accessed
  • Inventory of computers

Software Usage Reports

  • Summary of application usage
  • A historical timeline of application launches
  • Application utilization history
  • A list of application sessions

Why CIOs Use LabStats

Hardware and software usage reports help university IT teams make data-driven decisions, focus technology resources where students need them most and reduce overall spend. Higher education CIOs use LabStats to:

  1. Reduce software costs by right-sizing licenses to meet student demand
  2. Reallocate computers to areas of high demand
  3. Help students find available computers and software on campus
  4. Streamline staff hours and scheduling
  5. Analyze ROI on accessibility and technology resources
  6. Share data-driven insights with diverse teams
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LabStats is the leading software for computer lab usage tracking. Designed specifically for colleges and universities, LabStats helps CIOs and IT managers make data-driven decisions with computer lab usage data.

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