Lab Management Software vs. Lab Monitoring Software

July 27, 2020 |  Data, Students
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Computer lab monitoring software is essential for colleges and universities to understand how to manage computer labs.

The difference between lab management software and lab monitoring software

Computer lab management and monitoring software are both essential tools for higher education IT staff. Computer lab management software performs tasks and security measures remotely. Computer lab monitoring software collects usage data and serves it to the administrator in reports. LabStats is the market-leading tool for monitoring and reporting on computer lab usage in higher education.

What is computer lab management software?

Computer Lab Management Software enables an administrator to perform tasks and security measures remotely, and combines manual and automated processes to track operations.

What is computer lab monitoring software?

Computer Lab Monitoring Software automatically tracks what is happening in a computer lab, and reports back to the administrator.

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LabStats Computer Lab Monitoring Software

Computer Lab ManagementComputer Lab Monitoring
Connects computers through a single command machine

Make direct changes on any computer

Install or remove software

Reset machine to default settings

Start up or shut down computers

Control user access
Hardware usage reports

Software usage reports

User activity data

Live computer availability

Software inventory

Hardware specs

Real-time usage data

Hardware Usage Report

Monitor hardware usage

See when, where and how long computers on campus are used with LabStats computer lab monitoring software. The data is accurate, secure and delivered in real time, so you can:

  • Identify where there are too many or too few computers
  • Spot unused computers, and relocate or remove them
  • Compare the usage of Mac and PC workstations
  • Easily track and plan refresh cycles
  • See when labs are used the most and least during the semester
  • Schedule computer lab hours and staff around lab activity
  • See average daily utilization and predict lab traffic
Software Usage Report

Monitor software usage

Monitor software usage to see when, where and how long applications are used. LabStats tracks locally installed and web-based applications. Review high level data and application-specific usage so you can:

  • Identify unused applications to reduce spending
  • Purchase the right number of licenses
  • Compare free software and paid software usage
  • Streamline software image by eliminating similar programs
  • Analyze launch and focus time of expensive software
  • Verify usage of software requests by faculty

User activity

Ensure all students have access to the resources they need by monitoring anonymized user activity, so you can: 

  • Understand lab usage by academic group or major
  • Ensure availability of accessible software and computers
  • Provide the right amount of resources for scholarship students
  • Improve student experience and student success
  • Compare usage of public and student resources
  • Identify students in need of additional software licenses or technology

Benefits of computer lab monitoring software

Computer lab monitoring software is the most reliable way for colleges and universities to understand when, where and how long computers on campus are being used. LabStats data and reports empowers CIOs and IT teams to:

  1. Optimize software budget around actual student use
  2. Streamline staff hours and hardware refresh schedules
  3. Arrive at data-informed decisions quickly, support robust data analysis
  4. Load-balance campus technology resources
  5. Support deep-dive analysis into accessibility investments
  6. Mitigate risks from student data privacy laws and GDPR
  7. Share data insights with leadership and department heads

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How to use lab management and monitoring software together

Computer lab management software should be used to inform IT decisions, while management software can be used to implement changes to your environment. 

In this scenario, think of computer lab monitoring software as a map, and management software as a car. The map shows you where you need to go, and the car actually gets you there.

map and car

Monitoring software can tell you the percent of software licenses that are used, which labs students access the software from, and the peak hours in which the licenses are used concurrently. Once you have all that data in hand, you can decide if you need more or less licenses, where to deploy them, and how to schedule computer lab hours to meet student demand.

Once you have your plan in place, use computer lab management software to actually deploy the licenses where needed.

How to choose monitoring software

Follow these steps to choose the best computer lab monitoring software: 

  1. Verify the data collected is accurate 
  2. Check security and privacy practices
  3. Preview reports to see if the data is easy to analyze
  4. See if reports can be shared
  5. Check for custom data support like an API

Beyond accurate and secure usage data, computer lab monitoring software can provide live computer availability maps and remote access to available computers on campus.

LabStats Computer Lab Monitoring Software

What is LabStats

Designed to help university IT professionals understand how their computer labs are used, and trusted by over a thousand colleges and universities worldwide, LabStats is the leading computer lab monitoring software in higher education.

LabStats provides insights into hardware and software usage on campus with easy-to-read reports, live computer lab maps, and remote access to computers on campus. With LabStats’ API, you can build your own solution with accurate and secure data.

LabStats is known for:

Both computer lab management software and monitoring software are essential tools for university IT departments. With monitoring software, lab managers can track usage and spot trends to make informed decisions, and then implement changes with management software.

To learn more about LabStats computer lab monitoring software, schedule a walkthrough.

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