Have Loaner Laptops Replaced Computer Labs?

April 27, 2021 |  Data, Reports
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With LabStats, you can understand exactly how your school’s loaner laptops are being used.

In the wake of campus closures in 2020, colleges and universities made emergency purchases of laptops to help students continue their coursework. Many provided these laptops at no cost, to meet the urgent need and prevent students from falling behind due to a lack of tech resources.

These loaner laptops are intended for student use, but is that really what they’re used for? Are they still being used? Have loaner laptops replaced computer labs on college campuses?

With LabStats, you can understand exactly how your school’s loaner laptops are being used. 

If you have the ability to remotely manage devices, you can install LabStats clients on your loaned laptops. Then, the next time a student logs in, it will update and begin transmitting usage data. If there is no activity, you’ll know that the laptop is not getting used.

You can use tags or groups to identify loaner laptops, and then run a Login History report to compare laptop to desktop usage.

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The Login History report shows a historical timeline of the number of logins in a selected time period. The interval for the report can be set to minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, quarters, or years.

Login History Report (Tags: Desktop, Laptop)

In the example above, desktops reach up to 1,500 logins on weekdays, while laptops hover around 200 logins per day.

Despite loaner laptops being provided, there is still a need for on-site labs. In this report you can see that students are still using desktops on campus. They may be using laptops to check email or write papers, and using computer labs for work that requires specialty software.

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You will only know if loaner laptops have replaced the computer labs on your campus by comparing usage data over time.
To learn more about adding LabStats to your loaner laptop program, schedule a walkthrough.

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