LabStats 101: How to Create and Import Tags

February 2, 2021 |  LabStats 101
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Learn how to create and import tags in LabStats.

You can label the usage data LabStats collects to reflect your unique environment with tags. 

A “tag” is a simple way to identify an item or group of items in LabStats. This allows you to organize data and highlight specific items in reports. You can assign tags to stations, applications and users (with an option to anonymize user identity).

With tags, you can narrow search results, get more detailed reports and track just about anything.

What to Tag

Tags are completely custom, so you can create a tag for anything you want to track. Think about the data insights you’d like to have in the future, and consider creating a tag for it now. 

Common tags for stations, applications and users include:

  • Accessibility resources
  • Department
  • Install year
  • Manufacturer
  • Application category or suite
  • Renewal cycles
  • Site or seat license type
  • College
  • Demographics
  • Grade level

How to Create and Import Tags

You can create tags manually, or you can import tags by bulk. Follow the video or read our step-by-step instructions to get started.

Watch the following video to see:

  • Examples of tags for stations, applications and users
  • How to apply a tag to a station, application or user
  • How to bulk import tags from a spreadsheet
  • How to delete or update tags
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