LabMan Through the Years

June 26, 2020 |  News
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Take a minute to reminisce on past LabMan conferences with us while we’re all social distancing.

We love meeting up with colleagues and friends throughout the year, and LabMan is always a highlight for our team. The next LabMan Conference is scheduled for May 26-28, 2021.

It’s been tough to watch conferences get rescheduled, cancelled, and moved to online formats, so we’re taking a minute to reflect on conferences of the past.

LabMan Conference

The Academic Lab Management Conference, shortened to LabMan, is a national conference for computer lab managers and other IT professionals. If you’re involved in the management and support of computer labs, computer classrooms, and other technology-driven teaching/learning spaces, LabMan is for you. 

The LabMan Conference is held annually, and hosted by a different college or university every year. It’s small size, usually 150-300 attendees, ensures that no one gets lost in the crowd. 

LabMan has become a community of professionals who collaborate beyond the 3-day conference to discuss and troubleshoot similar issues, find solutions to shared problems, and explore innovative ideas for enhancing management of academic endpoints.

History of LabMan

The LabMan conference started with a few computer lab managers in 2000. The group met at Wayne State University to discuss an increased demand for software, CPU speed, memory, hard disk space and the complex issues that arose in managing school computer labs. 

Over the years, LabMan grew to cover wireless support, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), classroom support, innovation spaces, computer lab monitoring and print management, and include technologists of all backgrounds from colleges and universities nationwide.

LabMan conference locations

LabMan is hosted by a different college or university every year, with locations rotating throughout the continental US.

  • 2000 – Wayne State University, MI
  • 2001 – Indiana-Purdue Universities, IN
  • 2002 – Northwestern University, IL
  • 2003 – University of Michigan, MI
  • 2004 – Eastern Illinois University, IL
  • 2005 – Cornell University, NY
  • 2006 – Purdue University, IN
  • 2007 – Wright State University, OH
  • 2008 – Minnesota State University, MN
  • 2009 – University of Notre Dame, IN
  • 2010 – Northampton Community College, PA
  • 2011 – Spelman College, GA
  • 2012 – SUNY Oswego, NY
  • 2013 – The Evergreen State College, WA
  • 2014 – University of Nevada Las Vegas, NV
  • 2015 – University of North Texas, TX
  • 2016 – Xavier University, OH
  • 2017 – Wright State University, OH
  • 2018 – University of Maryland, MD
  • 2019 – Illinois Institute of Technology, IL
  • Upcoming May 2021Virginia Commonwealth University, VA

LabStats and LabMan

Every year, the LabStats team looks forward to connecting with old friends and new colleagues at the LabMan conference. We participate as sponsors and work to support the host schools in any way we can.

It’s the one event that brings computer lab managers, engineers, technicians, CIOs, directors, administrators and IT professionals together to share successes and innovate solutions.

Also, it’s a ton of fun. 

To stay in touch, and get updates on the next LabMan conference, sign up for the LabMan newsletter.

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