LabStats 101: How to Invite Users

September 23, 2020 |  LabStats 101
1 min

Learn how to invite users in LabStats.

LabStats is a powerful tool for Central IT and is also valuable for other departments on campus. You can give department heads, faculty and lab assistants access to LabStats reports so they can understand how the computers in their labs or departments are used.

There are 4 levels of access, so everyone on your campus can be on the same page with appropriate user permissions.

User Access Levels

  • Global Administrator 
    • Full access to all features available in LabStats
  • Global Viewer
    • Can view everything and run reports, not able to make changes
  • Group Administrator 
    • Can view and make changes to assigned groups (labs)
    • Great for department heads
  • Group Viewer 
    • Can view everything and run reports for assigned groups (labs), not able to make changes
    • Great for computer lab assistants

How to Invite Users

Inviting users is easy. Follow the video or get step-by-step instructions.

How to Invite Users

Watch Video (02:44)


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