Remote Access for Mac Computer Labs

January 22, 2021 |  Product, Remote Access, Students
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Keep students connected to the power they need with secure remote access for macOS.

Now that we’ve made it through 2020, it seems that every college and university has implemented a different approach to delivering instruction. Some institutions have shifted to online-only, others are embracing hybrid models, while still others are welcoming students back to a socially-distanced campus. Whatever the plan is, schools also have to be ready for abrupt campus closures and individual students and staff quarantining or opting to learn/work from home.

So what happens to the students who need access to high-end computers like iMac Pros? Art, media, graphic design, film, animation and architecture majors may have their own laptops, but they may not be able to run CPU-demanding software that’s required for their courses.

And since Adobe announced the end of free licenses last summer, how are these students expected to work if they can’t get into a Mac lab on campus

Remote Access for Mac Labs

Students can use the LabStats Remote Access Dashboard to securely access Mac computers from anywhere. The dashboard shows real-time availability of Macs on campus, so students can find and log into an available machine from their home, dorm, or a socially-distanced space on campus.

Remote Access Dashboard for Macs

Remote access can be set up for macOS to macOS or between a Windows and macOS machine. Students can also use a Chromebook to remote into an iMac on campus.

MacOS Connections

Student DeviceCampus ComputerSupported?Notes
macOSmacOSYesVNC offers seamless connections. Teamviewer and Apache Guacamole are also options.
macOSWindowsYesStudents will need to download Microsoft Remote Desktop from the Mac App Store first.
WindowsmacOSYesVNC offers seamless connections, Teamviewer and Apache Guacamole are also options.
WindowsWindowsYesRDP is standard, other connections are possible.

Macs on Campus

Students can connect to Mac computers on campus using the Remote Access Dashboard. The default remote connection approach on the Mac platform is VNC, which the Remote Access Dashboard supports. VNC offers seamless connections from Mac to Mac. 

When connecting from a Windows to a Mac, it does require a VNC viewer. We want to stress the importance of proper setup and configuration, as is the case with any remote access solution you choose, to ensure secure and private connections.
Contact us if you are utilizing an approach other than VNC, as we’ve also been able to offer some level of support for alternatives such as TeamViewer and Apache Guacamole.

Student Macbooks

Students may use their personal Macbook or iMac to connect to a campus computer. They will have to download Microsoft Remote Desktop from the Mac App Store first.

Whether your campus is open or closed, the Remote Access Dashboard will help your students stay connected.

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If you’re a LabStats customer, the Remote Access Dashboard is available at no extra cost, and you can start using it right away. If you don’t have LabStats yet, see pricing details to see how affordable it is to get a campus-wide solution. Schedule a walkthrough to learn more.

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