Remote Computer Access for K12 Schools

August 11, 2020 |  Remote Access
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The Remote Access Dashboard is a simple way for K12 students and teachers to connect to school computers.

With many K12 districts planning on remote learning for the fall, it’s more important than ever to ensure students have access to the resources they need. Whether you’re providing laptops or giving students remote access to school computers, LabStats can help.

Remote Access for K12 Students

Students can use the LabStats Remote Access Dashboard to remote into school computers from home. 

The dashboard shows a list of computers in each computer lab or classroom. Only available computers show up in the dashboard, so there’s no need to reserve or assign machines. Students simply select a computer to remote in to by clicking a “connect” button on your dashboard. 

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Remote Access Dashboard

You can have one dashboard that shows every computer on campus, or create separate dashboards for each classroom. 

The Remote Access Dashboard works with both Windows and Mac operating systems, and you can track usage even if students are logging in remotely. Students who are using Chromebooks can remote into school computers and run powerful software programs like Adobe.

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Watch a demo of the Remote Access Dashboard in action, or schedule a walkthrough to see how the tool can work for your K12 school district.

Computer Lab Monitoring for K12 Schools

The Remote Access Dashboard was developed by LabStats in response to COVID-19. LabStats is the leading computer lab monitoring software for higher education, and a powerful solution for K12 schools transitioning to remote learning. 

LabStats provides computer lab usage statistics, including:

  • Summary of logins by location, user or machine
  • A historical timeline of active sessions
  • Average number of logins on a single computer, lab or classroom
  • Average usage history of a computer by week or day
  • Peak times computers or labs are accessed
  • Inventory of computers
  • Summary of application usage
  • A historical timeline of application launches
  • Application utilization history
  • A list of application sessions
  • List of computers not connected to the internet

With LabStats, teachers and IT teams can see how students are using computers and proactively manage connection issues. 
To learn more about LabStats usage reports and the Remote Access Dashboard schedule a walkthrough.

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