15 Benefits of Deploying LabStats Campus-Wide

July 6, 2021 |  Budget, Data, Students
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LabStats is best used throughout your whole campus—on student-facing machines, public computer labs, staff desktops and more. Don’t limit insights to a single department or college.

LabStats works best as a campus-wide solution. With comprehensive data insights, you have the opportunity to improve the student experience, increase faculty satisfaction, boost IT department efficiency, and verify that user needs are met without overspending.

Here are a few benefits of deploying LabStats campus-wide:

Hardware Monitoring Across Campus

  1. Spot unused computers in other departments or colleges
  2. Plan budgets/use of resources between departments
  3. Only pay for computers that students actually use
  4. Streamline hardware refreshes to boost IT department efficiency
  5. Increase agility when budgets or needs change
  6. Focus updates on most-used hardware
  7. Ensure students who need speciality hardware have easy access
  8. Find underutilized spaces and resources
  9. Understand when in the day, week and semester resources are most in demand
  10. Know who (by departments, major, cohort etc.) uses what resources  

Software Monitoring Across Campus

  1. Only pay for licenses used (optimize spend without relying on site licenses)
  2. Quickly find old or vulnerable software and decrease compatibility issues
  3. Ensure students who need specialty software have easy access
  4. Reduce image size
  5. Rely on usage data to inform decisions to purchase or renew licenses

LabMaps Campus-Wide

Central IT can take an active role in improving the student experience by showcasing the live availability of every computer on campus. Whether you’re welcoming students back to in-person classes or welcoming brand new students to your school, LabMaps helps them find an open computer when they need it. 

LabMaps are an easy way to help students find available computers in real time. Backed by LabStats’ real-time data, a LabMap is a custom map of your space with three dynamic icons that show when a computer is available, in use or offline.

LabMap with availability icons

LabMaps are easy to build, so it won’t take long to create a LabMap for each room on campus where students access computers.

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Deployment Options

LabStats is a powerful tool for Central IT and is also valuable for other departments on campus. Department heads, faculty and lab assistants should have access to LabStats reports so they can understand how the computers in their labs or departments are used.

You can either share one LabStats instance across your entire university, or set up separate instances.

Single LabStats Instance with Multiple Users

Using one LabStats instance works best. You can assign a range of user permissions to ensure that every team member has access to the data they need.

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Separate LabStats Instances

Although this is not recommended, it is available for universities operating separate colleges or campuses.

Learn more about the insights you could gain through campus-wide usage data by scheduling a walkthrough. If you already have LabStats and would like to see how your school can expand monitoring campus-wide, schedule a tutorial.

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