How Technology Can Support Resilient Pedagogy

January 17, 2021 |  Product, Remote Access
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Courses must now be designed to be successful in-person, remotely and in hybrid environments, and technology can help.

After a year of disruption, instructors are beginning to adopt resilient pedagogy. The term refers to “designing once for multiple delivery modes” as described by Kathe Pelletier, Director of the Teaching and Learning Program at Educause.

Courses must now be designed to be successful in-person, remotely and in hybrid environments. 

This level of flexibility requires innovation from faculty as well as IT to ensure instruction can transfer seamlessly between different locations and machines. 

One way technology can support resilient pedagogy is to provide access to the same computers whether students are on campus or at home. Many courses rely on CPU-heavy applications and powerful machines. Students who use programs like SPSS, CAD, Mathematica and Adobe rely on computers in classrooms or computer labs.

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However, students at home are often running Chromebooks, shared family computers or minimally-equipped laptops. In order to ensure those students have the same opportunities as those in class, or to ensure that class is not disrupted if campuses close unexpectedly, many schools are adopting the LabStats Remote Access Dashboard.

The Remote Access Dashboard is a central access interface that displays live computer availability and allows students to connect to campus resources remotely. It was developed in response to the sudden changes in instructional delivery that schools faced in March 2020, and now over 400 colleges and universities around the world use these custom dashboards. 

If students are unable to attend class in person, they can simply remote into the powerful computers on campus to complete their coursework.

If you already have LabStats, the Remote Access Dashboard is available at no extra cost. Simply enable the dashboard and select the labs you’d like to make available to students. If you don’t have LabStats, you can get the dashboard along with all the other tools powered by LabStats’ usage data for just $8.40 per client computer annually (see pricing details). 

The Remote Access Dashboard supports resilient pedagogy by limiting the number and type of machines instruction needs to be designed for. Faculty can design courses with the foundation of equitable access to resources whether campus is open or closed. 

To learn more, watch the video tutorial or schedule a walkthrough.

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