Quick and Easy Remote Access for Universities

February 4, 2021 |  Remote Access
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Setting up a Remote Access Dashboard for students is easier than you think.

Higher ed IT teams have more on their plates than ever before. Managing computer labs, loaned laptops, and changing faculty tech needs amidst campus closures is no joke. And transitioning to sustainable and budget-friendly remote learning is tough.

Well before remote learning was popular, we at LabStats were dedicated to providing the best tools to college and university IT teams.

The pandemic didn’t change that.

Quick Remote Access

Our Remote Access Dashboard was built to take the pain and frustration out of quickly setting up remote access for your campus computers.

See for yourself: watch as John Davies, Senior Managed Windows Desktop Analyst from Royal Holloway University, creates and accesses their Remote Access Dashboard in less than a minute (0:56).

Quick, simple remote access for campus computers

Sustainable and Flexible

The LabStats Remote Access Dashboard is a sustainable option that makes the most of what you’ve already purchased, by providing secure remote access to every machine on campus. 

Students can use the dashboard from their home computer or Chromebook to remote into the powerful machines you have on campus, whether your campus is open or not.

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There’s no need to invest in expensive app virtualization, or purchase duplicate software licenses for students who are studying remotely. The Remote Access Dashboard is available at no additional cost to LabStats users.

The Remote Access Dashboard runs on LabStats real-time usage data. You must have LabStats installed on the machines you wish to make available to students and staff. Pricing is straightforward and includes all updates, technical support and personalized training.

If you’d like to learn more, schedule a walkthrough. We’d love to show you how easy remote access can be.

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