Tools to Reopen Socially Distanced Computer Labs

August 28, 2020 |  LabMaps, Product, Remote Access, Students
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Two universities are taking a proactive approach to keeping students connected to campus technology.

College students are slowly returning to campus and facing big changes in how they access technology. Students still rely on computer labs to use software like Adobe and SPSS, print papers and study in a quiet space.

Due to social distancing, IT teams need to limit the number of computers available in computer labs and enforce strict sanitizing routines. It’s now harder for students to find a computer on campus.

Two universities are taking a proactive approach to keeping students connected to campus technology.

LabFind and LabMaps

Binghamton University is easing the tension of returning to campus by helping students find available computers in two ways. 

First, Information Technology Services (ITS) is using the LabFind mobile app to help students find available computers on campus. The app shows computer availability in real time, and gives students directions to the computer lab, right on their phone. LabFind also shows the hours the computer lab is open.

ITS at Binghamton University is also using LabMaps to show the live availability of student-facing computers. Students can see the layout of each lab on campus, which computers are turned off to meet social distancinging requirements, and which computers are powered on and available in real time.

LabFind and LabMaps are helping students at Binghamton University safely find available computers on campus. 

LabFind and Remote Access

At Columbia University, students can use the LabFind mobile app to find and navigate to an available computer on campus. Students can search by Mac or Windows, and sort results by the lab that is the closest, least busy, or has the longest hours. 

The university’s IT department is also providing remote access to computers on campus through the Remote Access Dashboard. The dashboard displays a list of available computers, and provides an easy and secure way for students to remote into campus machines.

Remote Access for Socially Distanced Computer Labs

Since in-person seating is greatly reduced by social distancing requirements, colleges and universities can implement the Remote Access Dashboard for a percentage of computers in each lab. The machines that are not available for use in-person, can be made available remotely.

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However your computer labs have changed, LabFind, LabMaps and the Remote Access Dashboard can help your students find available computers on your socially distanced campus.

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