Tracking Hardware and Software with Remote Users

March 13, 2020 |  Product, Remote Access
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Does your COVID-19 action plan involve a transition to alternative learning? LabStats is here to help.

We have been closely monitoring the updates surrounding COVID-19, and our hearts go out to all those who are being affected by it. With the health and safety concerns of students and staff, many universities are in the process of transitioning to online-only classes, and many more plan to do so in the coming days.

Our Commitment to Educators During COVID-19

If your COVID-19 contingency plan includes remote users logging into hardware on campus, we can help you show users which machines are currently available. LabStats can still see and track usage of a station that has been remoted into. Use LabMaps on your school website or the LabStats API to direct students to available machines.


LabMaps are live availability maps of your classrooms and computer labs. If you don’t have LabMaps created yet, you can upload a simple layout or organize the icons in a clean list to help students find available computers to log into remotely.



The LabStats API makes it easy to see which stations are available in real time. You can quickly set up an API call and build a simple webpage to show a list of stations for students to remote into.

You can use the API to display the live availability of each machine, allowing users to choose from a list of available computers to log into. To help students find stations with specific software, you may want to organize the list of machines by department or location.

Coupling these strategies with the many solutions for online classrooms like Remote Desktop Connection could minimize the disruption in your students’ education. To learn more about the LabStats API, please use the links below:

LabStats API Documentation and Testing Sandbox

LabStats Support Documentation on the API

If you have any questions, please contact or your account manager—we’re here to help. 

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