Direct Data Access

Direct Access to Live and Historical Data

  • Access LabStats data with our RESTful API using your preferred BI tool
  • Customize your security settings to keep your data safe
  • Reduce development time, and enhance brainstorming, using the straightforward testing capabilities
  • Access all your data in one visualization
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Use Your Preferred BI Analytic Tools

LabStats data can be used with your preferred BI analytic tools including:

Combine LabStats Data with Other Data Sources

LabStats data can be combined with many data types from different sources to address broader and higher-level goals and concerns. Examples include:

  • Demographic Data – Combine with Student Management Systems to find out how students from specific majors or demographic groups use technology and/or software, and uncover relationships to student success.
  • Financial Data – Understand how much each use of specific software applications costs your organization
  • Inventory – Compare inventory levels to actual uses to gain insights surrounding software negotiations, finding unused computers, and optimizing tech facilities
  • Security – Look for user patterns at precise times, in specific locations, to identify security vulnerabilities and risks
  • Utilities – Understand power consumption trends through comparisons of technology location and use data to known power consumption information
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Combine LabStats Data with Other Data Sources

Share Insights With Key Stakeholders and Decision Makers

With your organization-wide data consolidated with LabStats data, you’re ready to share
fact-laden insights with key stakeholders and decision makers:

  • Create and customize dashboards specific to your, and your audience’s, needs
  • Build presentations in the formats decision makers want and need it
  • Enhance storytelling with discoveries backed by real and accurate data
  • Communicate from a position of strength and in a way that fits your organization’s needs
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Save Time with Automated Reports and Alerts

Using your BI tool, set up automated reports and alerts to provide scheduled updates and real-time notices of important changes, events, and use cases. Examples include:

  • Zero Use Software / Hardware: A regular report identifying hardware and software that isn’t being used during a specific timeframes, supporting accurate reallocation and decommission decisions
  • Out-of-Bounds Report: A report showing when a particular technology asset is being used over a preset percentage limit, indicating more resources need to be assigned to that area
  • Scheduled Online Alert: An alert notifying you that computers scheduled to come online at predetermined times have not, helping you address availability issues before users find them
  • Unauthorized Use Cases: Alerts making you aware that unauthorized use cases are being attempted, so you can address potential or eminent issues
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