Computer Lab Monitoring Software Pricing Explained

August 7, 2020 |  Budget
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LabStats pricing is affordable for colleges and universities, and designed to save money on the technology resources you already have.

Computer lab monitoring software gives you the insights you need to free up budget from existing resources, and focus spending on the areas that need it most before the next budget cycle.

Most university IT teams have projects that need funding or priorities that demand more budget than what’s available. Universities around the world have been using LabStats to save money for over 15 years. What would you do with savings like these?

  • $900,000 in savings – Pittsburg State University, Kansas USA
  • $100,000 in savings – Mount Royal University, Alberta Canada
  • $55,000 in savings – Indiana University Northwest, Indiana, USA

LabStats Pricing

LabStats is most effective when deployed throughout the campus on every student-facing computer, and priced affordably to fit college and university budgets.

LabStats software is licensed annually at $6 per client computer, with a one-time initial startup fee of $1,000 USD.  

What’s included

  • Secure, cloud-based hosting 
  • All historical and real-time usage reports
  • LabMaps live availability maps
  • LabFind mobile app
  • Remote Access Dashboard
  • API
  • Automatic updates
  • Individual and team trainings
  • Unlimited support 

Our annual fee includes all future product and feature updates, plus unlimited access to our technical support and account management teams. When you call us, you’ll talk to a real person. We are committed to your success and we know that LabStats will provide the data you need to optimize your budget.

Return on Investment

Computer lab monitoring software quickly pays for itself by bringing usage data to light. With reports on actual software usage, it’s much easier to decide when and where you can reduce unnecessary license counts. Hardware usage reports show when and where students are using computers on campus, making it easier for you to decide which labs can be closed or which machines no longer need to be supported.

“LabStats represents a very good return on the investment.”

Southern Cross University, Queensland, Australia

LabStats has saved universities tens of thousands of dollars by identifying unused hardware and software, providing valuable insights in as little as a few weeks. 

Hardware Savings

The average annual cost to acquire and maintain a university computer is between $800-$1,000. Most schools can eliminate 5-10% of computers without sacrificing service levels–meaning students won’t notice they’re missing. If demand for computers is high in certain labs, moving computers from underutilized labs can save thousands every year.

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Software Savings

Software is usually over-deployed to ensure students can find what they need. However, over-deployment of just 3 software packages can add up to tens of thousands of dollars. LabStats can help show you where software is being used, so you can streamline offerings without affecting student perception of availability. Even with conservative estimates, there’s potential for significant savings with LabStats.

“LabStats has paid for itself many times over for our complete ability to provide detailed stats on lab usage.”

Mario Bernardo, Florida Gulf Coast University, USA

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