March 18, 2020 | Remote Access

Remote Desktop Availability in a Hurry

In response to recent events, our development team has created a new tool to help students find available resources on campus, and connect to them remotely.

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UPDATED: 3/19/20

Connecting remote students to campus resources is now top priority. Many colleges and universities are setting up Remote Desktop Access, virtualization and alternative learning in short order as campuses close around the world. 

LabStats has been providing colleges and universities with secure, reliable computer monitoring software for over 15 years. Traditionally used to monitor hardware and software on campus, LabStats can also monitor remote access of campus resources. 

Hardware and software usage data helps IT departments understand what students need in new and changing environments.

In response to recent events, our development team has created a new tool to help students find available resources on campus, and connect to them remotely.

Help Students Access Desktops Remotely

The LabStats Remote Access Tool is a dashboard that can be used by students to find an available computer on campus. It also provides them with a mechanism to remotely log into that computer without any special knowledge needed.

Remote Access for University Computers
Remote Access Instructions

Help Students Find Specialized Software

In the LabStats Remote Access Tool, you can organize your list of machines by lab, so if students need machines with specialized software, they can find it in a familiar way. Students can browse the list for the name of a lab or department name (depending on set up) to find a list of machines with specialized software. 

Check back for updates on this feature.

For instance, students who are looking for Autodesk or AutoCAD may find it in a group labeled “Engineering,” while students trying to access SPSS or Mathematica may find it in a group labeled “Mathematics” or “Business,” depending on your school’s environment and your LabStats configuration.

For students who need to access design software, Adobe has announced that students can access Adobe Creative Cloud licenses at no additional cost.

Lightening the Load

The LabStats Remote Access Tool will also spread the load out across all computers, reducing the chance of a dozen students trying to use the same computer at the same time.

Ongoing Updates

Updates to the LabStats Remote Access Tool will be released on an ongoing basis at no cost and be available to customers immediately. If you start using the tool, it will automatically update as our team works on improvements and new features.

How to Set Up LabStats Remote Access Tool

The LabStats Remote Access Tool is available now, at no additional cost. You need to have LabStats installed on any computer that users would need remote access to. Contact us to request a set up for your school. Once configured, we’ll send you a link to publish.

If you already have LabStats installed on campus computers, Schedule a Tutorial with your Account Manager to set up LabStats Remote Access Tool. 

If you do not have LabStats computer lab monitoring software yet, we’re waiving installation fees for 30 days to help you get up and running quickly. Schedule a Walkthrough to get started.

LabStats API

If your team is looking for a custom solution, check out our powerful API. You can use the LabStats API to securely connect LabStats data to a wide range of in-house solutions.

LabStats API Documentation and Testing Sandbox

LabStats Support Documentation on the API 

About the LabStats API

API Usage Best Practices

Ongoing Support

We’re seeing businesses and communities coming together in unprecedented ways. The FCC recently announced the Keep Americans Connected Pledge, in which broadband and telephone service providers are committing to helping Americans remain connected to high speed internet during this time. 

At LabStats, we’ve partnered with universities worldwide for 15 years, and are committed to supporting you through campus closures, contingency plans and alternative learning solutions. Our goal is to ensure your students still have access to the resources they need, and you have the accurate, timely and reliable usage data to make informed decisions. 

If you have any questions about sharing live availability of computers to remote students, we’re here to help. 

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